Heritage,Cultual Memory and Leisure
2015/12/18 10:35:14

Coordinator: Professors Wu Zongjie

The Research Cluster for Intangible Heritage in the Cross-Cultural perspective aims to bring together researchers at Zhejiang University who are working  in areas broadly related to the study of culture and cultural activity. We seek to integrate the study of cultural heritage - the artefacts, texts, documents and other records of past and continuing cultural practice - with the study of the processes and media by which  cultural practices and industry are fostered. Although the study of cultural heritage have conventionally been regarded as the purview of different disciplines in the humanities, we regard their relationship as symbiotic, and aim to break down any traditional division between areas of study. Cultural heritage is, in our view, is continually subject to revision, renegotiation and reinterpretation, as part of a process of cross-cultural exchange. Through the activities of its themed research groups, collaborative and cross-disciplinary research projects, seminars and symposia, the team explores and defines the nature of the essential interaction between cultural heritage and cross-cultural exchange, and fosters new kinds of interdisciplinary research across a wide range of fields in the humanities and social science.