Announcement: PhD Seminar on Cultural Space, Architecture and Heritage: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue
2016-01-21 23:38:45

The ICCRS is going to hold a seminar on cultural space, living culture, heritage discourse, aesthetics in architecture design, architecture design methodology, urban planning, cultural fabrics, ecological development, sustainability ect. Invited professors and the PhD students from Architecture Department, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the Institutes of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ICCRS) in the School of International Studies are planned to present their recent research projects and have an interdisciplinary dialogue.
Time: 14:00-17:00, January15, 2016
Venue: Room 402, East Block 6, Zijingang Campus, ZJU

The seminar is aimed to explore the following themes and topics but not limited to the list. Free discussions and interdisciplinary dialogues are expected to be conducted among all the attended scholars.
1. Cultural particularization vs globalization of heritage
2. Studies of the urban landscape and planning esp. in historical urban area
3. Heritage policies beyond elite cultural narratives and the authorized heritage discourse
4. Leisure as heritage and reconceptualization of leisure and heritage
5. The expert knowledge and authorized heritage
6. CHS, aesthetics, poetics of place/conservation as creative practice
7. Place, space, memory, folk story in heritage studies
8. Text based analysis of heritage meanings
9. Issues of representation of heritage
10. Confucian culture, Buddhist culture, Daoist culture, Christian culture and heritage

And we have invited distinguished PhD supervisors who will join us and have an interdisciplinary dialogue:
Professor SHEN Jie(沈傑) from the Department of Architecture, PhD supervisor
Specializing in living environment, architecture culture and aesthetics, residence design, urbanization and sustainable human settlements ect.
Professor MA Bosen (馬博森) Vice President of the School of International Studies, Director of Institute of Linguistics, PhD supervisor
Specializing in discourse analysis, systemic functional grammar, pragmatics and corpus linguistics ect.
Professor WU Zongjie (吳宗傑) from the ICCRS, PhD supervisor
Specializing in critical heritage studies, discourse studies, memory studies, historical and cultural neighborhood studies, space studies, Classism ect.
Professor LIU Huimei (劉慧梅) from the ICCRS, PhD supervisor
Specializing in leisure culture studies, intangible heritage studies, space studies ect.
Professor YANG Jianping (楊建平) from the ICCRS
Specializing in trauma studies, memory studies, museum studies ect.

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