The 3th ¡°Contemporary Chinese Discourse Study¡± Seminar Held in ZJU
2010-2-25 17:11:52

Co-organized by Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Normal University, the Third Contemporary Chinese Discourse Study Seminar was held in Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University from 18th to 20th Dec. 2009. Profited from the resonance and influence of the previous two seminars, this seminar attracted over 100 famous experts of discourse study and young scholars, among whom 15 addressed at the seminar.

The seminar inaugurated in Zijingang Hotel, Hangzhou, on the morning of 18th Dec. Professor Shi Xu,head of the Institute of Discourse and Diverse Culture, ZJU and director of the Center of Contemporary Chinese Discourse Study, ZJU, presided over the opening ceremony. Speeches of welcome were given by Professor Fan Jieping, head of the Department of Humanities, ZJU and Professor He Lianzhen from School of International Studies, ZJU. Represented speeches were given by Mr. Gu Yueguo, researcher from CASS and Professor Tan Xuechun, vice-principal of the Faculty of Humanities, Fujian Normal University. Professor Fan Jieping announced the opening of the seminar.

Fifteen scholars addressed on topics of ¡°media and contemporary Chinese discourse¡± and ¡°Chinese culture and contemporary Chinese discourse¡± and comprehensive and in-depth discussions of theoretical construction and practical analysis of the study of contemporary Chinese discourse were made at the seminar. Diverse in topics and deep in justification, the speeches given by the 15 scholars aroused huge resonance in the delegates participating the seminar who reacted actively by raising questions and giving suggestions.

In the group discussions on 19th Dec. guided by the topics of the seminar, the delegates exchanged opinions on subjects of discourse of floating people in cities, TV talk shows, city¡¯s media image, violence of media discourse, judicial discourse, news discourse, traditional rhetoric, advertising discourse,Chinese and Western philosophy and political discourse. Young scholars¡¯ breakthrough thinking and innovation are as important, if not more than, the explanations by senior experts. Scholars from different regions and cultural backgrounds had pointed but respectful theoretical confrontations and conversations, showing the purport of this seminar------¡°seeking the convergence of ideas from all around the world¡±.

Hosted by Professor Shi Xu, the closing ceremony of the seminar was held in the small theatre of the Faculty of Music in ZNU. Professor Yin Qiping, principal of Institute of Foreign Languages, ZNU and Mr. Yu Longjin, deputy director of R&D division, ZNU were present at the closing ceremony. Professor Yin Qiping gave a warm closing speech and announced the close of the seminar. The success of this seminar will help to promote the position of discipline of the study of contemporary Chinese discourse, to extend the geographical breadth of academic exchange in the future and to win a voice for the study of contemporary Chinese discourse on domestic and international stages.

(Translated by Li Jiaona)

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