Dr FU Zheng(Associate professor)

MsFu Zheng(PhD(candidate), MA, BA)

Post Title

Associate professor


School of Educational Studies, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

Ph.D Candidate (September 10,2004--- Present)

Advisor: Professor Xiao Lang

Department of foreign languages, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

M.A. in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (April , 1998)

Department of foreign languages, East China Normal University, Shanghai

B.A. in English language and literature (June, 1991)

Institute of Education, University of Reading, UK

Visiting Scholar (From January 2006-January 2007)

Areas of Interests

  1. learner and cultural factors in English language teaching and learning
  2. Intercultural adaptation
  3. Educational activities of English missionaries in China

Work Experience

China Jiliang University , Hangzhou

TeachingCollege English(From 1991-1999)

School of International Studies, Zhejiang University (From 1999-present)

Contributors to five undergraduate modules:

  1. Introduction to Major English Speaking Countries
  2. Chinese Classics in English
  3. Intercultural communication
  4. English Test (Band 8 for English majors)
  5. College English for non-English majors
Teaching  担任浙江大学大类核心课程“外译中国经典名著精读”负责人,并在2013年被确立为浙江大学教育改革项目。



2016年: “浙江印象”英文版审稿者,浙江教育出版社。

2013年: 译著: “Practice Makes Perfect: Writing Chinese Characters”, Zhe Jiao Publishing House

Contributors to “New College English” (Volume 3/4), Foreign language research and teaching press, 2006

Contributors to “Intercultural communication in English”, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2004

2000年-2014年  参与编写国家级精品教材《新编大学英语》,外语教学与研究出版社

2006年 编写《莎士比亚》, 浙江少年儿童出版社


2010年: 《伦敦会与在华英国教会中等教育---以“英华书院”为中心的考察》, 《浙江大学学报》Vol.40, No, 6  (第二作者)

2012年: 《晚清新教传教士代表大会的历史轨迹及其影响——探讨中国教会大学兴起的新视角》, 《高等教育研究》2012年第12期 (第二作者)

2013年:《伦敦会与中国近代知识分子---中西文化交流的视角》,《河北师范大学教育科学版》, 第15卷。(第二作者)

1.“On the strategies of successful language learners”,Foreign Language Teaching,2001/2
2.“Language Learning Strategy Preferences of Some Successful College English Learners”
“Proceedings of The 1999International Symposium of Language Learning”, 2001年5月  1/1
3.The influence of China’s entry into the WTO on college English teaching

Foreign Language World, 2001/10

4.“Language Learning Strategy Preferences of Some College English Students”
“A collection of papers on Chinese college English Teaching”,June, 2000
5.“An investigation of College Students’ Reading Strategies” “A collection of papers on college English Teaching in Zhejiang Province”,  1997年4月   1/1
6.“English for international trade: China enters the WTO”,  “World Englishes”, 2002年7月   3/3