Dr ZHANG Xingkui (Associate Professor)

Dr Zhang Xingkui joined the Department of Foreign Languages at ZJU in 1988 and has since been teaching English to non-English major undergraduates at ZJU. He obtained his PhD in Education from the University of Sydney in 2010, specializing in gender studies. Since 2015, he is undertaking a project in gender and violence.

In 2016, Dr Zhang teaches courses of reading and writing for English majors at the School of International Studies. He teaches communication and presentation skills for postgraduates of non-English majors. He is also currently working with the Masters degree level China Studies program at ZJU, giving seminars on Everyday Life in Contemporary China and China Gender Studies.

From 2014, Dr Zhang has been involved in the operations of Zhejiang University Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences. He serves as its Assistant Dean.