Affiliated Staff

Liu Jieyu(Affiliated Research Fellow)

Post Title

Deputy Director, SOAS China Institute





PhD (University of York, UK)

Areas of Interests

Gender, Family, Intergenerational Relations, Migration, Social Policy


Chinese society

Research methodology


Research monograph:

Liu, J. (2007)Gender and Work in Urban China: Women Workers of the Unlucky Generation. London: Routledge.

Republished in paperback in 2011.

Edited books:

﹞         Liu, J. and Yamashita, J. Handbook of Gender in East Asia, Routledge, forthcoming.

﹞         Liu, J. (2014) Social Transformations in China, London: Routledge.

﹞         Zhu, Y., Liu, J. and Huang, Y. (2011) Women*s Studies in the West, Beijing: People*s University Press. [in Chinese].

﹞         Jackson, S. Liu, J. with Woo J. (2008)East Asian Sexualities: Modernity, Gender and New Sexual Cultures. London: Zed Books.

Journal articles and book chapters:

﹞                       Liu, J. (2014) &Ageing, Migration and Familial Support in Rural China*, Geoforum, 51:305-312.

﹞                       Liu, J. (2013) &White-collar Workers: Gender and Class Politics in an Urban Organization*, pp.75-90, in Chen, M. and Goodman, D (eds) Middle Class in China: Identity and Behaviour, Edward Elgar.

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Other writings:

Liu, J. (2015) &An Age-Old Question*, China-Britain Business Council Magazine, Focus.

Liu, J. (2014) &Ageing, Migration and Changing Intergenerational Relations in Rural China*, Discovery Society, September issue.

Liu, J. (2013) &Ageing and Migration in Rural China*, pp. 22-25 in East Asia in 2013: A Region in Transition, Asia-Pacific Research Group, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


2015- 2020

Principal Investigator  - A multi-sited Ethnography of Modern Chinese Family Life,

funded by European Research Council


Principal Investigator 每 Ageing in Rural China,

funded byUK Economic and Social Research Council Research Grant


Principal Investigator 每 White Collar Beauties in Urban China,

funded by British Academy